What Is The Best Over the Counter Toenail Fungus Treatment?

April 7, 2017

The question often comes from ladies who have been using acrylic nails over a long period of time and may have visited a manicurist with questionable sterilization processes in their salon.  Nail salons are one of the most high risk sources of nail fungus in ladies nails and the use of acrylic nails protects the nail fungus even more than the powerful protection offered by the human nail itself.

The bad news is just like toenail fungus, fingernail fungus is not effectively treated with over the counter creams and lotions from the pharmacy, because that fingernail of yours is just too good at protecting the nail bed and the fungus – particularly when it is further shielded by an acrylic nail which keeps the fungus nice and dark and warm and healthy.  The best treatment for fingernail fungus is cold laser nail fungus treatment.

The good news is that a) cold laser works, and b) fingernails grow about three-four times faster than toenails so you will see results very fast.  We treat a lot of fingernail fungus and see great results.

At Clear Nail Laser Clinics we see a wide range of nail fungi.  Most of the nail fungus that we see cause white or yellow discoloration and flakiness in the nail, however we do also have a great track record with black toenail fungus treatment.

Black toenail fungus is from the same family as the yellow and white variety that we see, and it thrives under the protection of the toenail just like the fungus in yellow toenails – the good news is that is just as susceptible to cold laser treatment as any of the other colours of fungus.

Trying natural remedies such as tea tree oil, creams and ointments is equally as ineffective on black toenail fungus as the other fungus-led discoloration that we see.  Our experience is that black toenail fungus treatment is no different to yellow or white nail fungus and after four sessions of cold laser we see the death of the black toenail fungus and the start of the growth of nice clear fungus-free nails.

Onychomycosis is such a fancy word for nail fungus.  We find that by the time our clients have learned to pronounce the words ‘onychomycosis treatment’, they are almost ready to pronounce themselves as an expert in the treatment of the condition themselves and they are often equally as frustrated with the lack of effectiveness of over-the-counter creams and potions.

I’m often disappointed with the misleading marketing in pharmacies and online stores for onychomycosis treatments using dramatic imagery and promises of quick solutions.  Cold laser is the only pain free and effective onychomycosis treatment – and after four to six weeks, the fungus is typically killed and we see a commencement of the growth of clear nails.

The peddling of ‘natural’ solutions and ‘active ingredients’ as onychomycosis treatments is widespread and unchecked.  We see too many patients who have tried the full range of off the shelf onychomycosis treatments with no success –  it is frustrating to see the marketing continue for such an ineffective set of treatments by those pharmaceutical companies who take advantage of onychomycosis sufferers by delivering broken promises.

We started Clear Nail Laser Clinics to break the cycle of broken promises and offer a solution to your onychomycosis, not an empty promise.  Cold laser technology is the most successful, safe and pain free effective way to eliminate nail fungus.