The Five Stages of Yellow Toenail Treatment

April 5, 2017

When our clients first notice a yellowing of their nails, they explain a common set of stages that they have passed through before we solve their problem and provide effective yellow toenails treatment using cold laser technology.

Stage 1

They describe the first stage as the point when they conclude that the discolouration is temporary and wait a little time for it to pass before looking for yellow toenails treatment.

Stage 2

After the yellowing doesn’t pass and the nail is noticed by others, it is common to move to stage two which involves trying a range of home-grown treatments such as deep filing, cutting and topical ointments.  Our experience is that those efforts usually lead to frustration and some short term disfigurement of the nail which draws more attention to the yellow toenails and leads to stage three.

Stage 3

Stage three is a when the patient begins to hide their nails and temporarily gives up.

Stage 4

In the fourth stage, the patient launches a series of attacks on the fungus using a range of techniques, possibly hot laser, possibly an oral medication and possibly seeking advice from a doctor, podiatrist or pharmacist – typically to no effect!

Stage 5

It is only in stage five, where clients visit the Clear Nail Laser Clinics that we provide effective yellow toenails treatment using cold laser.  Our before and after shots highlight the amazing impact that cold laser has on nail fungus and how pain free and simple the process can be.

I have written this post for all of those folks in stage one of their journey looking for yellow toenails treatment with the hope that you can skip the next three painful stages and we can help you get clear nails in a quick and pain free way.