The most common causes of nail fungus we hear from clients

August 30, 2018

Nail fungus is surprisingly common. Ask around and most people have either experienced it at some stage or they know friends or family who have.


Typically, it’s usually caused as a consequence of nail trauma, such as an ingrown toenail, a stubbed toenail or accident where a heavy object is dropped onto the nail.


This makes anyone who plays sport, works in hospitality or as a tradesperson particularly susceptible to nail fungus due to the increased risk of trauma occurring.


It’s also worth noting there’s a far higher incidence of nail fungus in the older age groups.


Nail fungus can also be contagious, therefore environments such as nail salons/spas, showers, swimming pools, bathrooms etc. are seen as higher risk.


Once a nail fungus infection takes hold it can be extremely stubborn and difficult to successfully overcome due to the fact it’s able to exist in perfect conditions – it’s dark, damp, warm and it’s protected by the nail itself.