Three Little Facts About Nail Fungus & Cold Laser Treatment

April 10, 2017

Fact 1:  You ought to start today to clear your nails by summer

Cold laser is a proven way to kill nail fungus however clear nails will only appear as fast as your new nails grow. Toenails only grow around 2mm per month, so it will take around 6 months for a noticeable level of clear toenail to grow.

So, if your goal is to have clear nails by summer, act soon to start the process of growing your new clear nails.

Fact 2:  Nail fungus is contagious

Nail fungus is contagious. It can spread to other people including family members and also to your other toes.

It’s important to clear nail fungus before you unintentionally spread it to your friends and family members, or it spreads across to more of your toes

Fact 3:  Cold laser is the most advanced treatment in the world

The London Nail Laser Clinic has successfully treated hundreds of patients over the past 5 years using Lunula cold laser. The effectiveness of Cold Laser is supported by clinical studies (available at this link).

Clear Nail Laser Clinics are the first specialist clinic to make this treatment available in Australia and New Zealand.

Cold Laser Nail Fungus Treatment