Post Treatment Care Is the Secret To Success With Nail Fungus

April 21, 2017

Post Treatment care is critical to reduce nail fungus reinfection risk

Once you’ve completed cold laser treatment at the clinic, it’s important to follow our post treatment plan to kill the fungus.  Your nails have an irregular shape and there are a lot of places for new fungus spores to hide out. Your nails have openings in them that can house fungal spores very effectively.

Your nails are like honeycomb

If you were to see a cross-section through any thick and diseased fungal nail, it would almost look like honeycomb and the holes in that honeycomb are filled with your own spores – however we need to prevent new dust and new fungus spores from reinfecting you. The risk is heightened when your nail is removed.





We draw a battle line at the base of the infection

When you leave our clinic, we believe you’ll have no living fungus in your nail and you’ll start to see nice clear nail growing out at the base of each nail – and the old nail will grow out over time.

We consider the battle line drawn at the start of the clear nail growing through and we will help you until your nails get to the end of your nail bed – and once that nail reaches the end of your nail bed and it’s tightly sealed and closed then you shouldn’t have to worry anymore. Until then, you need to take good care of your feet, your shoes and your clippers.

The approach we use at Clear Nail Laser Clinics is safe, pain free and our success rate is high. We’ll educate you around how to avoid reinfection.

We’ll hold your hand along the journey and support you while your nail recovers.