Nail Tek Renew Cuticle Oil (14.3ml)

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Natural cuticle oil with tea tree. Replenishes moisture. Helps to maintain healthy cuticles and grow nails. Moisture levels in the cuticle must be maintained in order to grow healthy nails.

90% of nail growth occurs from the matrix of the nail at the base of the nail.

Key Features:

  • Physician approved
  • Use daily
  • Stops redness and relieves irritation

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Nail Tek Renew Cuticle Oil (14.3ml): $24.95

An antifungal cuticle oil to help nourish irritated nails/cuticles.

A unique blend of essential oils to help kill fungus at the source whilst increasing hydration to the cuticle. Physician approved.

Apply a thin layer of the product over the affected area twice daily (morning and night)

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