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The Anatomy Of Your Nails

Understanding the anatomy of your nails to understand nail fungus It’s important to understand the…
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Nail fungus is growing

Latest analysis on nail fungus by the World Health Organization indicate 1 in 10 people have experie…
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Three Little Facts About Nail Fungus & Cold Laser Treatment

Fact 1:  You ought to start today to clear your nails by summer Cold laser is a proven way to kill …
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What Is The Best Over the Counter Toenail Fungus Treatment?

The question often comes from ladies who have been using acrylic nails over a long period of time an…
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The Five Stages of Yellow Toenail Treatment

When our clients first notice a yellowing of their nails, they explain a common set of stages that t…
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Cold Laser – A Disco For Your Toes

I had a customer last week who was so excited by the cold laser experience he described it as a R…
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